I really enjoying using peripheral vision to notice that people are staring at me (because: “ooh look a foreigner!”) and then I abruptly turn and stare back at them and they jerk their head in the other direction quick as can be.

You’re not being subtle at all.

Then of course there are the elderly women who just continue to stare even when I’m staring back at them.  I very quickly lose those staring contests.

Weekly Word or Phrase

So I think that I am going to do a weekly word and/or phrase in both French and Chinese (and probably even English: so many interesting words to be found in A Song of Ice and Fire!).  I’ll do this for a couple of reasons:

1. Learning a language is tough to do on your own, so to motivate myself I will share some of what I learn with others.

2. It’s interesting!

So today let’s start with French:

"avoir une faim de loup"

It literally translates to “to have a wolf’s hunger”

It means: “to be starving”.

Some more info (including similar phrases) is here: http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/a/avoir-une-faim-de-loup.htm

What do Canadians Eat? (The Homemade Edition)

As I was asked this question a lot while in China, this past summer I went on a quest to discover what exactly it is that Canadians (or to be precise: the prairie folk of Saskatchewan) actually eat.  For dinner.

In conclusion: lots of potatoes done every way you could possibly desire, pot roasts, and veggies that don’t get crazy spiced.  Also, in the summer things like broccoli salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, any salad are really popular.  I’m really hungry now.

Any others?

(Click the pics for food details)

Had a really hot beach day, this time at 大梅沙 (dameisha).  They have these giant winged statues along the beach which I think are really beautiful, though I’ve heard some people find them to be an eye-sore.  Beautiful to look out from but the water and beach were disgusting here.  I went out to go for a swim and got knee-deep before I decided that was enough.  Gross.  Garbage everywhere.

Note: Dameisha is free to go.  Xiaomeisha (小梅沙) down the road is 30rmb.

The building art is in the OCT Loft area.  Really cool area with quaint little shops and cafes.  Very artsy.